• Hi, I'm Greg Nance

    My earliest memories are chasing Dad on evergreen forest trails. I wasn't very fast and I couldn't run very far but I loved it. Running has always made me smile.


    But for a few years I lost my way. Overwhelmed by depression after my Grandpa Charlie's debilitating stroke, I turned to alcohol and opioid painkillers at age 16. The free-fall only stopped with the help of compassionate mentors and a daily running ritual.


    In the years since, I've found my purpose as an entrepreneur helping students earn over $27M in college scholarships. And I've kept running too.


    I'm a sponsored ultrarunner, have set 15 Fastest Known Time records, and recently ran 7 marathons in 7 days on 7 continents - my hometown Seattle Seahawks even penned a fun race recap!


    Now I'm gearing up for the biggest challenge yet —

    a 3,000 mile Run Across America!

  • My Mission

    I'm Running Across America to explore our addiction epidemic and promote youth mental health

    3,000 miles to celebrate 3,000 days sober.


    On March 16th 2020, I celebrated 3,000 days sober. To commemorate the milestone, I’m aiming to run 3,000 miles between NYC and Seattle to explore America’s addiction epidemic.


    For years I was in denial about my struggles with alcohol and painkillers. Fearing the stigma, I felt isolated and alone. But as I've slowly opened up, I’ve realized that my struggles are far more common than I imagined.


    40 million Americans — or 1 in 7 — suffer from substance or alcohol addiction. As I run across America, I want to hear and share some of their stories.


    I’m partnering with Director Sarah Schutzki and the International Documentary Association to create 1 IN 7, a film that chronicles the journey. We aim to spark a national dialog on how we, as families and a society, can best support addicts and boost mental health across America.


    You can learn more about my mission in this University of Cambridge article previewing the run.


  • Support the Mission

    We aim to explore America's addiction epidemic, promote youth mental health, and better support those in need.

  • Previous Missions

    World Marathon Challenge

    Around the world in 7 days

    I ran 7 Marathon in 7 Days on 7 Continents in February 2019.


    Beginning with 26.2 miles across Antarctic ice, I then ran back-to-back marathons in Cape Town, Perth, Dubai, Madrid, Santiago, and Miami. Definitely a wild week :-)


    Check out this fun race recap from my hometown Seattle Seahawks!

    Fastest Known Time

    Chasing records to push my limits

    I've set 15 FKT records including the fastest runs across NYC, Chicago, DC, Montreal, Singapore, and Shanghai (pictured).


    Check out my FKT profile and try to beat one of my records!

    Seahawks 12 Ambassador

    Cheering with the world's best fans

    My running career peaked in 2016 when Delta Air Lines named me "12 Ambassador" to the Seattle Seahawks and featured my ultra running in TV commercials!


  • Let's Connect!


    Are you struggling with mental health or addiction? Taking your first steps in recovery?


    Reach out — let's grab coffee or go for a run.


    You can also visit VertavaHealth.com for free resources and comprehensive mental health + addiction support.