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    I'm honored to partner with amazing sponsors to make these adventures and positive impact possible!

    Brooks Running


    Since 2016, I've logged over 12,000 miles and set 18 Fastest Known Time records as a Brooks Global Ambassador. Brooks gives me the traction and confidence to take on the toughest terrain — whether Antarctic ice, Philippine jungle, Kazakh Great Steppe, Chilean sand dunes, Bahamian beaches, Shanghai streets, Louisiana bayou swamps, Cascade mountain trails, or Puget Sound shoreline.


    My favorite Brooks: Cascadia 15 for trails, Ghost 13 for pavement, and Levitate 4 at the office. Find your perfect fit on BrooksRunning.com.

    Clif Bar


    Clif Bar has accompanied me on countless hikes, climbs, swims, and ultra courses over the years. Many times on expedition I've been completely drained until a Clif Bar restored my energy and spirits.


    I love Clif Bar’s products and admire it’s commitment to sustainability so I was totally pumped to take our partnership to 7 Continents during the World Marathon Challenge!

    Delta Air Lines & Seattle Seahawks


    I got the surprise of a lifetime in October 2016 when Delta named me "12 Ambassador" to the Seattle Seahawks and filmed my gameday ritual – a 15 mile crosstown run to watch the Hawks at a Shanghai sports bar – for a TV commercial broadcast throughout the Pacific Northwest.


    I proudly displayed the 12 Flag at each finish line while running 7 Marathons in 7 Days on 7 Continents. The Seahawks shared a fun story recapping the experience.



    In ultrarunning and in life, energy is everything so I'm always aiming to level-up. MitoQ is an advanced antioxidant that targets mitochondria to support sustained energy levels and cellular health. It's proven to combat cellular stress and mitochondrial damage in muscle so we can keep building sustainably.


    If you're aiming for a sustained level-up, use code GN20 for 20% off on MitoQ.com.



    Named for Japan's greatest Samurai swordsman, Takezō has been vital to my training and recovery in 2021. Takezō's Equip Immunity boost (a tropical smoothie shot loaded with B12, elderberry, and Beta Glucan) enables me to train harder every day and chase peak performance.


    Use the code GregRunsFar on BeTakezo.com to save 15% on all Equip products!



    The World Marathon Challenge was only possible because of the bold vision and generous support of Wentworth, a pioneering wealth management platform. A dozen Wentworth leaders flew down to Miami for an unforgettable finish line party!


    Wentworth has taught me the importance of taking the leap to become a stronger version of ourselves.



    Running NYC to Seattle is only possible with the right rest and recovery. I take PurePower's "Power Down" 30 minutes before bed and it's been the single biggest boost to help me hit my target 9 hours of sleep. PurePower unlocks the power of plants and helps me crank more miles with a smile.


    You can get your very own PurePower! Use code GregRunsFar15 for 15% off + free shipping.

    Vertava Health


    The stigma surrounding addiction is a major obstacle to getting started in recovery. After years of denial and 100+ relapses, I finally found my footing. I'm fired up to pay it forward by partnering with Vertava Health, a pioneering provider of comprehensive care for mental health and substance abuse.  


    We're on a mission to better support those in need so it's an honor to have Vertava Health's support in funding the Run Across America and 1 IN 7 documentary!

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  • Did I mention I'm a huge Seahawks fan?  

    I enjoyed my 15 minutes of fame :-)