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    My mantra = "Keep Showing Up!"

    How I Trained to Run 7 Marathons in 7 Days on 7 Continents

    "Running ultra marathons has taught me that the only limits that matter are those we place upon ourselves. To safely reach and push past our limits we must properly prepare. Here's how I reached the start line prepared to push past my limits."


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    Brooks Running: 7 Steps to Balance Work, Life, and Ultra Marathon Training

    "Despite the rewards of training, the sheer number of hours requires sacrifice that may feel daunting and seemingly wreck any semblance of balance in our life. But with the right approach we can maximize our training time to better enjoy and appreciate all the elements that bring meaning and fulfillment to our life."


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    Brooks Running: My Ultra Marathon Recovery in 7 Steps

    "Distance running is enormously rewarding – we have the fortune of finding strength in solitude while exploring nature’s surreal splendor. To continue enjoying this great gift, it’s critical we invest in recovery with the same focused determination we do our weekly mileage."


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    What I Learned Running 250KM Across the Gobi Desert

    "We passed blooming orchards, grazing livestock, desolate hill shacks and boulder-strewn moonscapes. As our calorie-starved bodies pushed their physical limits, our minds shouldered more of the burden."


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    Reflections on Running 155 Miles Across the World's Driest Desert

    "The euphoria of reaching our finish line reminds us that the journey is the reward. Whether passing sun-capped volcanos, running alongside the Ancient Inca Trail, or gazing upon the brilliant night sky, we realize that our path to the starting gun prepared us for the obstacles ahead."


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